Sitel laboratory is accredited for testing and control with the accreditation number 06-102 obtained from the Accreditation agency of Serbia in accordance with standard ISO/ IEC17020:2012 as the inspection organization type C.
The first certificate was obtained on 15th march 2012. By decision of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development No.021-03-61/2012-08 from 11th may 2012 Sitel is licenced as authorized body for performing verification of electronic meters for active and reactive energy-single phase and multiphase,with indirect, semi-indirectand directlink.
The authorization reffers to the verification process:
  • Electronic(static) metersfor active energy Class 0.2Sand0.5S
  • Electronic(static) active electricity meters, accuracy class 1and 2
  • Electronic(static) reactive electrical energy meters, accuracy class 2and 3

Office and sales department

Stevana Brakusa str. No.6,

Belgrade 11030, Serbia

Tel/Fax: +381 11 75 44 974

E-mail: office@sitel.rs

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Production, service and laboratory

Veselina Masleše str. No.30A,

Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

Tel/Fax: +381 21 63 10 110

E-mail: sitelns@sitel.rs

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