Software packages μSys & μMeter

The software we offer is designed to easily allow the user to access a large amount of information that our meters collect about electricity consumption.

Like our meters, the software contains all the information provided by the DLMS protocol, as well as IDIS.

μMeter is a software tool for communication with a single meter and is intended for parameterization of meters for distribution, and can provide information about the supplied electricity and the user who has the need and desire to learn more about their consumption, in order to manage and make savings.

μSys is a Head End solution, which is used to collect and process data from a larger group of meters, as well as to parameterize and manage that group of devices. This software can be used independently or to export the necessary data to other software, most often AMI or MDM systems that already in use  by distributions.

μSys can read all registers defined by the DLMS protocol and export them to the parent application in the required format, allowing distributions to manage our meters without having to make changes to their existing systems.

The meters correspond to European standards EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3, as well as to international standards IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053-21, and are designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 standard. The active and reactive electrical power meters, in addition to the specified standards, meet the requirements of international standard IEC62053-23.